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Gun Transfers

Temporarily unable to assist with transfers while we move to our new location!

We work hard to make sure your transfer goes smoothly. We've helped dozens of customers successfully transfer their firearms or lower receivers with ease. Looking to send transfer a gun into or out of the state of Kansas? You've come to the right place.

Transfer to Wichita KS

Dual Defense Firearms is a licensed FFL Dealer authorized to receive gun transfers into the state of Kansas. We offer customers the affordability to transfer out-of-state gun purchases to Wichita for a $15 transfer fee. If transferring more than one gun at a time, each one after the first transfers at a discounted rate of $10 each.

Once your firearm or lower receiver has been transferred to us, we will call you for pickup.

Transfer to Another State

If you're purchasing a gun or lower receiver from our online store and you live outside of Kansas, your order will be shipped to an authorized FFL Dealer located in your state. Find an FFL holder near you. Upon reopening at our new location, we will happily assist with your out-of-state transfer.

Hassle Free Gun Transfers


We will gladly initiate any gun transfer you have in mind. Whether you want to bring a gun into Kansas from another state or if you want to send a gun out of the state of Kansas, we're here to help. Check back with us in April we we reopen at our new location!

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